Edwin Jagger Bulbous Lined Fusion Best Badger 3 Piece Set

Edwin Jagger Bulbous Lined Fusion Best Badger 3 Piece Set
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This exquisite handmade three piece Bulbous Lined shaving set comprises chrome Lined pattern Gillette Fusion razor, Best badger shaving brush and chrome plated double wire stand.

Model 3pcBLIFbb


>>Bulbous Lined 3 piece, Gillette Fusion 3 shaving set, chrome. The beautifully balanced contemporary razor, shaving brush and double wire stand are all handmade in Sheffield, England using solid turned, hand polished brass and triple chrome plating processes. Decorative hand cut Lined patterning further accentuates the handle shape and improves wet grip. A combination of traditional craftsman skills and cutting edge technology are used to create this shaving masterpiece. Use with a quality shaving cream or soap and the Gillette Mach 3 blade system to produce a close and safe shave. Delivered in Edwin Jagger branded packaging.

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