Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ivory Silver Tip Shaving Brush

Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ivory Silver Tip Shaving Brush
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  • Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Ivory Shaving Brush, Silver Tip Badger

  • Made in Sheffield

  • Softest silver tip badger for supreme lathering

  • Matching razor options available 

  • Brush weight - 50g

  • Knot size 21mm

  • FREE shaving samples with every order

  • Edwin Jagger branded box

Directions for use: After daily use, shaving brushes should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water and hung to dry in a stand. Use with quality shaving cream or soap.



This Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Horn Shaving Brush Silver Tip Badger is handmade in Sheffield. The finest polyester with the appearance of genuine ivory of bygone days is used and the brush is filled with Silver Tip badger hair.

The matching smooth shaving brush is filled with 21mm Silver tip badger hair which is the most luxurious and softest available. The combination of brush, hot water and shaving cream will produce a rich lather, soften and lift the beard in preparation for shaving and massage and exfoliate the face.

Overall height 99mm (3.9 inches) Handle height 46mm (1.8 inches) Handle diameter 33mm (1.3 inches) Knot size 21mm (0.9 inches)

USE & CARE of your shaving brush: Immerse shaving brush in hot water and shake off excess. Dip in favourite shaving cream or soap and, using circular motions work up a rich warm creamy lather on the beard area. Proceed to shave. After use the shaving brush should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water and hung to dry in a suitable stand. For authenticity, The Edwin Jagger name is branded on the body of the shaving brush.

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Customer Reviews

A perfect addition to and mans grooming
A superior brush to others on the market at similar prices.
Review by Tom / (Posted on 30/10/2019)
The Ultimate Shaving Brush
I have used Edwin Jagger products for some time now. The quality is exceptional with customer service to match. Unfortunately, I had an issue with the handle of my Best Badger shaving brush, but the customer service I received from Toni, was outstanding. If only, all companies operated like this.

After much research, I decided to upgrade my brush to the silver tip badger brush. It has a lot more hairs and the hairs are of a superior quality, hence the price difference. It is softer on the face and whips up a great lather. The best badger is a very good brush, but the silver tip is a step up in quality. After using it for about a month, there has been no noticeable hair loss.

In doing my research, I did learn more about how I should be shaving. So here are my top tips to pass on.
1) Soak the brush in a bowl of hot water whilst having your shower.
2) Wet your face with the brush and shake it out.
3) I then use a good quality cream, which I apply to the brush and whip it up into a good lather in the bowl, before applying it to the face.
4) then shave with clean long strokes.
Review by Gavin / (Posted on 15/01/2018)
Excellent brush
Excellent brush for bowl and face lather. produce lather effortlessly. Elegant, and great value for the price.
Review by Jamal / (Posted on 13/12/2017)
Good but looses its hair over time
Soft hair and light to handle. But it looses its hair after some time.
Review by Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ivory Silver Tip Shaving Brush / (Posted on 14/10/2017)
Great product, perfect quality
This is really high quality brush, almost no hair loss and produce large amount of foam
Review by Liang / (Posted on 18/07/2017)