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Elios Inoxidable DE Razor Blades

Elios Inoxidable DE Razor Blades
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  • Elios Inoxidable DE Razor Blades

  • Made in Egypt

  • Pack of 10

  • Stainless steel

  • Suitable for use with any DE razor

  • Easy and enjoyable shave 

  • Plastic free packaging

  • Pouch on side for used blades

  • Blades wrapped in wax paper

  • Replace every 2-3 shaves for best results

  • Take care when handling


Elios Inoxidable DE Razor Blades are a pack of 10 top-quality stainless-steel blades manufactured in Egypt, suitable for use with any type of DE razor.

All razor blades go through an extensive manufacturing process, starting off as long strips of stainless steel that go through several processes in order to create the fine, sharp blades that are easy and enjoyable to shave with. Once crafted, all blades go through strict quality control tests to ensure they are ideal for consumer use.

Elios Inoxidable DE Razor Blades are praised highly by new and experienced wet shavers the world round, with many saying they offer an aggressive and satisfying shave when paired up with a high-quality double edge razor and shaving cream.

They are often described as offering a shave comparable to the well-regarded Bolzano Superinox DE Razor Blades.

Elios use high quality steel to manufacture these blades, meaning you will not be compromising on quality if you choose to give them a try.

The blades are received in plastic free packaging, stored in a small cardboard box with the Elios branding displayed on the front for authenticity. A pouch can be found on the side where used blades can be placed in order to dispose of them safely and efficiently.

Alternatively, the used blades can be safely recycled in a blade disposal tin or a makeshift tin of your preference.

Each blade is wrapped in waxed paper to avoid any accidental injury when taking them out of the box.

Replace blades regularly to allow them to continue performing well, ensuring they are changed before they start to drag across the skin. Blades that are replaced after two to three shaves provide a closer shave and have less chance of causing injury, such as skin irritation and razor burn.

Take care when handling, understandably they are very sharp!