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Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Blades (4 Refills)

Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Blades (4 Refills)
Product Code: VENUS4

  • Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Blades (4 Refills) 

  • Catridge razor refills

  • Pivots

  • Follows body's contours

  • Three blades for a close shave

  • Aloe vera infused lubrastrip

  • Extra nourishing, hydrating experience

  • Easy glide

  • Lubrastrip fades away when replacement is needed

  • Compatible with any Venus Razor except Simply Venus

  • Compatible with any Edwin Jagger Mach3 handle

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Gillette’s legacy of precision began with one man, King C. Gillette, all the way back in 1901 when he founded the American Safety Razor Company. Since then, his vision has inspired over 100 years of innovation. Gillette Venus Smooth Razor Blades (4 Refills) are cartridge razor blade heads refills, designed to best suit the Gillette Venus Razor design.

Gillette Venus blades are designed with women in mind. The blade head features a pivoting design that allows it to follow the body’s contours, making it ideal for those looking for a suitable cartridge razor to use for leg shaving.

Each cartridge head has three blades, which combine together to enhance the closeness of the shave achieved.

Venus Blades also have protective cushions that protect the skin from nicks and cuts for a close and smooth shave.

The skin friendly blue lubrastrip contains aloe vera for an extra nourishing and hydrating experience. It is designed to offer a particularly easy glide. The lubrastrip fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus shave, at which point it is time to replace the cartridge head.

Venus Smooth Razor Blades fit any Venus Razor handle except Simply Venus. They are also compatible with any Edwin Jagger Mach3 handle design.

To replace the blade on your Gillette Venus Razor, press the button on the razor to release the old blade. Once this has been removed, simply snap the new blade in place. 

For best results, apply to wet skin and allow the razor to glide over the skin naturally. Whilst you should hold your razor firmly, very little pressure should be required to achieve a close and comfortable shave in just one stroke.

Each refill is individually sealed within the pack to protect the hygiene of the product and to allow the refills to be sufficiently stored in the bathroom without risk of them declining in quality through dampness.

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