Razor Head Information


DE Safety Razor


DE (double edge) or traditional safety razors were introduced in the early 1900s and are now one of the most popular wet shaving methods with shavers of all ages. Using this blade system will achieve a simple but very effective, single cutting action similar to that of open bladed straight razors.

  • All Edwin Jagger DE razors use the Edwin Jagger designed, two part DE head
  • Replacement DE razor blades may be purchased inexpensively from our site
  • Replacement top plate and whole DE head components are available to purchase on our site
  • To keep your razor in pristine condition remove the blade, rinse regularly with warm water and allow to dry
  • To clean use either household washing up liquid/degreaser or use a soft cloth with non-abrasive chrome cleaner such as Peek

Click here to order DE Blades direct from edwinjagger.co.uk.

All Edwin Jagger DE razors are supplied with one free Feather blade and come in Edwin Jagger packaging.

Warning: Do not overtighten the DE head.  Cast metal is fragile if dropped onto a hard surface. Do not use alcohol to clean your razor.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide® Razor


Gillette Fusion ProGlide® razors use a disposable, lubricated head with five blades positioned close together to evenly distribute the cutting surface for exceptional comfort and performance. Gillette suggests this system will provide the best Gillette shave, and it also allows accuracy around awkward areas such as directly under the nose.

All Edwin Jagger Gillette Fusion® razors are supplied with one Gillette Fusion® blade and come in Edwin Jagger packaging.

Click here to order Gillette Fusion® heads direct from edwinjagger.co.uk.

Gillette Mach3® Razor


Edwin Jagger Mach3® razors use Gillette's lubricated, triple blade system which is still very popular and guarantees a very close, safe shave. Turbo makes the closest shave even more comfortable with less irritation, even when shaving against the hair growth direction. 

All Edwin Jagger Gillette Mach3® razors are supplied with one Gillette Mach3® blade and come in Edwin Jagger packaging.

Click here to order Gillette Mach3® blades direct from edwinjagger.co.uk.