Edwin Jagger offers a premium range of safety razors, Mach3 razors and Fusion razors in both traditional and contemporary designs. Handcrafted in Sheffield, and made with precision, Edwin Jagger razors are a cut above the rest.

Our aim is to turn what can feel like a daily chore into a pleasurable ritual with our fine selection of expertly manufactured wet shaving razors for both men and women. Using an effective, traditional razor will both improve the quality and enjoyment of your shave and leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Edwin Jagger Light Blue Fusion Razor
Edwin Jagger Light Blue Mach3 Razor
Edwin Jagger Light Blue DE Razor
Edwin Jagger Lady's Contemporary Razor
Edwin Jagger Lady's Luxury Mach3 Razor
Edwin Jagger DELBE14 DE Razor (Blue)
Edwin Jagger Pink Pearl Effect DE Safety Razor (Long)
Edwin Jagger DE86 Black DE Safety Razor (Long)
 Edwin Jagger DE89 Long Chrome Lined DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb)
Edwin Jagger DE89 Long Chrome Lined DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb)
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Edwin Jagger Limited is proud to offer a superb selection of razors for sale, including double edge safety razors, Gillette Mach3 Razors, Gillette Fusion Razors.

It is possible to make what was once a daily chore into a pleasurable ritual and highlight of your grooming routine – with an extensive selection of wet shaving razors for both men and women, we’re sure you can find a razor that will enhance your shaving experience.



Double edge safety razors are a popular choice for a luxurious and effective wet shave. A traditional shaving tool, DE safety razors present a flexible way to get your perfect shave. We offer both mild and aggressive closed comb razors.

Edwin jagger Limited have an extensive range of Gillette razors, one of the most popular choices for an easy way to shave. We supply both Mach3 and Fusion blade razors which are a form of multiple blade cartridge razor.



The Mach3 Gillette razor has a three blade system which helps to catch more hairs with each pass. It cuts down on the number of passes you need to complete your close shave and therefore can reduce irritation in contrast to a standard disposable razor. The blades are anti-friction with a lubrication strip to minimise discomfort.



Gillette’s fusion razor features a head with five blades. Like the Mach3, fusion razors have an ergonomically designed handle, comfort guard microfins and a lubrication strip. The strip fades from coloured to white to help you know when to change your blades.



As well as men’s razors, we also have a range of lady’s razors including cartridge razors and safety razors for women. Our high quality products are a great way to get the closest shave possible for smooth and silky-soft skin. Not only are safety razors effective, they also provide a fantastic way to reduce your plastic waste and be more eco-friendly.



Replacement blades are a vital razor component as they allow you to maintain the highest quality close shave. It’s important to replace razor blades as, over time, they become dull and lose their effectiveness. Dull blades can lead to more irritation, as you have to compete more passes to catch every hair, as well as an increased risk of nicks.

We have a range of different razor blades from all the top brands including Gillette, Wilkinson, Derby, Astra, and many others. They are all made from a special type of stainless steel manufactured specifically for razor blades. This gives the best longevity for your blade and the best result for your shave.

As well as the blades, we also have disposal containers. Simply drop your old blades into the tin and, once the tin is full, take to your local recycling centre. Using replacement razor blades is a fantastic way to improve your environmental footprint.

A combination of expert design, traditional craft skills, and modern technology has helped create the Edwin Jagger range of traditional and contemporary razors and other shaving accessories.

A close shave with a quality razor will give you a superior shave, greater confidence, and an improved look and feel to your facial skin afterwards.