Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Silver DE Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Silver DE Safety Razor
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  • Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Silver DE Safety Razor

  • Made from Sheffield 316 grade stainless steel - resistant to corrosion and pitting

  • Stunning yet resilient and practical finish

  • Brand new two part head made using metal injection moulding

  • Delivers an unrivalled close shave

  • Generates minimal blade feel for a comfortable and premium shave

  • Easy-to-use - equally effective from a variety of shaving angles

  • Works superbly with all the most popular DE razor blades

  • Fluting on the anodised silver aluminium handle ensures precision grip

  • Smooth, clean and bright appearance free from impurities

  • Hand packed in presentation box made from recycled materials

  • 96.6mm long and weighs 58.9g

  • Includes a free pack of 5 Feather DE razor blades

  • 100% made in the UK


The sensational performance and finish of the Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Silver DE Safety Razor has been achieved using revolutionary product design and advanced precision manufacturing techniques.

The range takes its name from the 316 grade of stainless steel - a grade originally forged in Sheffield, England, home of Edwin Jagger. With a superior resistance to corrosion and pitting, grade 316 is the ideal choice for wet shaving implements.

Great care has been taken during the prototyping stages to ensure each step of the manufacturing process contributes to a resilient and practical razor.

The 3ONE6 is a versatile and easy-to-use razor – the quality of the shave remains consistent from a wide variety of shaving angles while the balance and weight should delight all shavers. Its slimline form ensures a nimble shave with reliable, smooth and efficient results.

Razor Head

Famous within the world of wet shaving for the iconic classic DE89 razor head, Edwin Jagger celebrates the use of a new material for the 3ONE6 and a completely new advanced head design.

The raised rails on the base plate create the perfect position for the blade which has been established through years of experience and extensive testing. This enables the razor to shave equally effectively from multiple angles of approach. It is compatible with all the most popular DE razor blades on the market and has been designed to combine impeccably with any choice of blade. The 3ONE6 generates next to no blade feel to ensure a comfortable and premium shaving experience.

The carefully planned layout of the locating pins minimises possible movement of the blade when secured between the top and bottom plates, makes the razor easy to assemble and offers increased stability of the blade edge during the shave.

Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel DE Razor HeadThe delicately ridged skin guards on the outer edges of the base plate gently stretch your facial skin to create a uniform shaving surface and prepare the beard hair for the blade. Any excess shaving lather and cut hair is smartly channelled away through four lather slots to prevent the razor from clogging as its shaves. These features make for a smooth, quick and effortless shaving experience.

The two-part razor head is the first ever double edge safety razor head to be produced in the UK using 100% metal injection moulding (MIM). MIM is a manufacturing process that involves combining pure metal powders with binding materials making injection and manipulation easier to control. This carefully formulated mix of material is then injected into unique Edwin Jagger tooling using extreme pressure and then heat to create the small and complex precision components. MIM permits very fine manufacturing tolerances and minimises any weakness due to the directional flow of injected material.

The central screw thread is extremely strong and is an integral, robust and durable part of the top plate. The characteristics formed by the engineered tooling have been embellished to showcase the advanced manufacturing techniques utilised in the creation of this amazing razor.

The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor has been extensively stress-tested and Edwin Jagger can guarantee the screw thread will not snap with normal use.

The MIM process also ensures Edwin Jagger customers benefit from a range of efficiencies as well as outstanding performance, unrivalled quality and reasonable price point of this premium stainless steel razor.


Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Handles

The collar and end-cap of the 3ONE6 are CNC machined from Sheffield-forged 316 grade stainless steel. The quality of the machining is such that the finish is exemplary; there are no signs of the cutting and shaping tools used during the manufacturing process. The 100% continuous CNC machines used by Edwin Jagger create each component in one single process. This enhances the flowing curves of the component pieces and elevates the elegant overall design.

The range of colourful handles available for the Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor are made from aerospace grade anodised aluminium and offer a striking, decorative and stylish finish. A more light-weight razor than the entirely stainless version, this material has been specifically selected for its excellent machining qualities and secondary finishing processes and is resistance to impact damage. The anodising process creates an extraordinary surface finish that withstands daily handling and prevents the razor from oxidising, further increasing its longevity. It also adds a fine texture which aids with grip.

The precision fluting on the aluminium handle provides the razor with extra grip to ensure it does not slip - even with wet hands - and adds to the engineered aesthetic of the razor. Fine laser detailing around the collar and end cap showcases the Edwin Jagger name and world-renowned mark of quality manufacturing, ‘Sheffield, England’.

The handles of the 3ONE6 are made using equipment utilised in aerospace manufacture. The original batches of handles were tested with up to one quarter of a metric ton of pressure without failing.

Production Processes

The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor is the first ever commercially manufactured razor of its type to be made in Sheffield using components machined from genuine Sheffield-forged 316 grade stainless steel.

In addition to the MIM and CNC production processes, the components of the handle and two-part head are subjected to a series of finishing techniques. The attractive surface of the razor is achieved through two separate machine and chemical surface enhancement processes commonly used in the manufacture of medical equipment. This produces a smooth, clean, and bright appearance free from impurities and reveals the optimal characteristics of the stainless steel base. Each component goes through at least six different production processes and six individual inspection processes before final boxing. Every razor is polished and packed by hand by one of our dedicated Sheffield craftspeople.


The smart packaging for the 3ONE6 is also 100% made in the UK and has been designed with user interaction in mind. The box slides open and locks, revealing the individual component pieces of the razor through the viewing window. Each piece is suspended in a safe and secure high-density foam insert made from recycled materials.

The shaver experiences the pleasure of assembling the razor for the first time and is encouraged to inspect each component in its original form.


Overall razor length: 96.60mm

Handle length: 89.4mm

Handle diameter: 11.85mm

Razor head length: 41.4mm

Razor head width: 25.4mm

Weight: 58.9g

Customer Reviews

A stupendous razor. A spectacular piece of engineering with the balance and poise of an epee . A pleasure to use. This a classic worthy of Sheffield's long history of craftsmanship and innovation.
I have been applying a double edged blade to my face for a long time measured in decades and during that time bought innumerable razors; some of which were ridiculously expensive and many very good but the 3one6 is in a class its own. It is a beautifully engineered piece of kit, exquisitely balanced and poised. Matched with the Feather blade it becomes as close to perfection as any razor I have ever owned.
Review by Foxwood / (Posted on 12/09/2020)
Though I have yet to use this razor, it looks like a Merkur 23C with barred slots under the head.
Review by 1greenie1 / (Posted on 13/08/2020)
Excellent razor
This if my first DE safety razor and I bought a good one with the aim of it lasting long term. I have not been disappointed and love the experience of using it. It has taken time to build confidence in using it to shave my head and not really enjoy it. It feels like a very well made razor and also looks good in the bathroom. The customer service I have received from Edwin Jagger has been first class.
Review by woody / (Posted on 20/05/2020)
The shave works very well immediately. One of the best razors I know
The shave works very well immediately. One of the best razors I know
Review by Agostino / (Posted on 10/05/2020)
Perfect razor, well made, solid and well balanced. Paired with Feather blades provides a perfect, nick free shave.
Perfect razor, well made, solid and well balanced. Paired with Feather blades provides a perfect, nick free shave.
Review by Peter / (Posted on 12/12/2019)
un aparat foarte bun calitativ
simpt lama pe obraz dar nu este agresiv
sunt multumit de calitatea barbieritului
lam incercat cu mai multe tipuri de lama si se comporta bine
sunt multumit de alegerea facuta
multumesc pentru ajutorul dat de catre voi la achizitionarea produsului

a very good quality machine
I feel the blade on the cheek but it is not aggressive
I am pleased with the quality of the shaving
I tried it with several types of blade and it behaves well
I am pleased with the choice made
thank you for your help in creating your product
Review by Victor / (Posted on 15/11/2019)
Excellent razor!
A superb DE razor. It oozes quality and is beautifully crafted.
Review by HPP / (Posted on 07/11/2019)
After using my new Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Razor I have had to demote my Japanese Stainless to the back of the cabinet status. The 3ONE6 head is cleverly machined in such a way that the shaving angle is maintained easily throughout the entire shave making the whole experience a nick free pleasure. B.B.S. every time my alum stick is also now redundant. Many thanks to the Edwin Jagger team for such attention to detail. Not many other D.E. Razors can move like Jagger around problem areas.
Review by AJON / (Posted on 26/08/2019)
Edwin Jagger 3ONE6
Very well made! (Thank`s to MIM and CNC production processes)
It is absolutely new line of stainless steel razors.
For me personally the ideal razor for every day shaving.
Review by Igor / (Posted on 16/08/2019)
Outstanding craftmanship on this razor.. As always with Edwin Jagger
Review by Ulrik / (Posted on 07/08/2019)