Wet Shaving: A How-To Guide for Women

Summer is well and truly here. With the sun shining and temperatures soaring, it’s time to show off your fabulous summer fashion. As great as you may look, showing a little skin introduces an issue many women are all too familiar with. That’s right: I’m talking about body hair. Nobody likes shaving their legs and underarms, especially when it can be so expensive and bad for the environment. If you use basic supermarket razors, you’ll know how quickly they become dull and need replacing. Over time, replacing the supposedly cheap razors becomes very expensive. And then there’s the amount of plastic waste this type of shaving creates. No wonder so many of us are exploring new ways to shave.

So what options are there? How can you enjoy beautifully smooth skin and a close shave without it impacting the planet and your bank balance? Two words: traditional shaving.

You might think that traditional shaving—also known as wet shaving—is just for men and their facial hair, but a growing number of women are now turning to more traditional ways of shaving too. Whereas disposable razors are thrown away after a few shaves, traditional safety razors are built for years of use with only the single safety razor blade needing replacement. Even then, a single blade won’t cost you more than 50p and will give you four or five of the smoothest shaves you could ask for. While a lot of our female customers started wet shaving to cut down on their plastic waste and save money in the long term, they ended up discovering how much better it feels to shave with a traditional safety razor.

Are you also tired of paying over the odds for plastic razors that don’t even give you a smooth, comfortable shave? Then check out our step-by-step guide on what tools and tips you need to significantly improve your shave while eliminating plastic waste and unnecessary costs.


Start Your Shave Off Right

Don’t expect good results if you grab your razor and dive straight into shaving your legs without any pre-shave prep. Take a warm shower or bath beforehand to soften your skin and hairs. The moisture helps your hairs break away from your skin more easily, resulting in less irritation when shaving. For the very best results, we would always recommend preparing for wet shaving by using a Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion, especially if you have sensitive skin. Moisten the skin with warm water and rub in a small amount to help the blade glide smoothly and avoid post-shave irritation.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Removing dead skin before shaving prevents any detritus getting in the way of the blade, allowing for a much closer and smoother shave. You may already have a go-to exfoliator as part of your skincare routine, but our experts have an alternative suggestion: a shaving brush. Yes, those traditional shaving brushes you see in men’s barbershops are also great for shaving your legs and underarms. The individual brush bristles effectively work your skin to clear the surface of bacteria and debris without removing your skin’s natural oils.

The extra-long handles of these ladies’ shaving brushes make it super easy to lather up hard-to-reach areas like the back of your legs. Our shaving brushes are also filled with synthetic fibres, which many women prefer over traditional badger hair as they are gentle on the skin and are designed to last longer.

Edwin Jagger's Lady's Shaving Brushes


Don’t Skimp on the Soap

If you’re using a shaving brush, remember to pair it with a quality shaving soap or shaving cream, and not shaving oil as this can damage the bristles. Whether you prefer a paste-like cream or a solid soap is down to personal preference but you’ll need to add warm water to either option to create a rich shaving lather. To get that perfect creamy texture, we recommend getting a generous amount of shaving cream or the full puck of shaving soap, placing it in a specially made shaving bowl with warm water and then whipping it all up using the brush. Once the lather has a smooth, velvety consistency, use the brush to delicately apply the cream, painting the area you wish to shave with circular flicking motions.

Do you want a scented shaving soap or cream to leave your skin with a gorgeous post-shave aroma? Limes & Pomegranate shaving cream is one of our best-selling ranges as the fresh, zesty fragrance evokes the feeling of a tropical getaway. The use of natural ingredients and plant extracts also makes it suitable for all skin types. Available as a tube of shaving cream or a practical puck of shaving soap, you can lather up in the way that best suits you.

Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate Shaving Cream 75ml Tube


Find the Right Razor for You

Now the part you’ve been waiting for: the safety razor. There’s no need to be afraid of using a safety razor; if you prepare your skin properly and take your time, you should experience minimal irritation, especially as you become more confident over time.

There are many razor options for shaving body hair. Some women prefer a long handle as it’s easier to reach all the different parts of your leg. These long DE safety razors are great for beginners as the closed comb design ensures the blade is gentle on the skin while still offering an incredibly close and smooth shave. Perfectly weighted, our ladies’ razors are heavy enough to stop you getting carried away and cutting yourself while still giving you the control you need for a comfortable and accurate shave. Available in a variety of stylish colours, you can select a quality safety razor that best matches your individual style.

Edwin Jagger Long Blue Closed Comb DE Safety Razor


If you’re still a little anxious about using a single sharp disposable safety razor blade, then a Gillette® cartridge razor blade might be the one for you. Shaving with a cartridge razor is more or less identical to shaving with a disposable razor, so there’s less of an initial learning curve. For example, this Imitation Ivory & Chrome Mach3® razor features a three-blade system but is enhanced by a long-lasting Lubrastrip™ to help the individual razor blades glide over the skin and create a more pleasant shave. Going one step further, the Edwin Jagger Light Blue Gillette® Fusion® Pro Glide® razor has five blades integrated with protective lubricating strips, providing a very assured and smooth shave. A greater number of blades means you cut more hair with each individual stroke, which speeds up your shave but also applies additional pressure to your skin. With the correct technique and preparation, both razor types will give you beautifully smooth legs and underarms but when deciding which razor to invest in, it’s worth considering whether you want a more accurate shave or a more delicate shave.

Edwin Jagger Light Blue Fusion Razor Edwin Jagger Imitation Ivory & Chrome Mach3 Razor


Brave the Shave

All prepped and ready to shave? We always recommend starting with your legs as the skin here is less sensitive than your underarms, giving you a good opportunity to get used to the feel of the double edge safety razor. When shaving, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to apply pressure. Just hold the razor at a 45-degree angle and let the weight of the razor do the hard work as it glides along your skin without digging in. You will need to adopt a slightly different approach depending on the area you’re shaving:

  • Legs: Shave in uniform strokes from the ankles up.
  • Ankles and knees: Shave slowly in very short strokes, bending the knee to make the skin taut for comfort and ease.
  • Underarms: Use your fingers to feel which way your hair grows and shave with the grain in short strokes.
  • Bikini area: Use your free hand to make sure your skin is taut and then shave with the grain in very short strokes.

If you find you still have a few stray hairs—particularly under your arms—try the three-pass technique. This involves shaving the same area three times: first with the grain as described above, then gently against the grain and finally across the grain to get as close a shave as possible. Remember to use plenty of warm water and reapply your shaving lather between each pass.


The Finishing Touches

Fresh from a shave, your skin could be very sensitive and susceptible to irritation. It’s crucial to finish your shave with a post-shave lotion to moisturise and nourish your precious skin. Aloe Vera boasts incredible anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and curative properties, making it the perfect choice for soothing your skin after shaving. Made from natural plant ingredients and free from harsh parabens, we recommend the Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera Aftershave Lotion to protect your legs, underarms and bikini area after shaving.

Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera Aftershave Lotion 100ml Pump Bottle


Remember that although safety razors and cartridge razor handles don’t need to be replaced after shaving, the blades will need to be replaced on a regular basis. Depending on how often you shave, we recommend swapping out the metal blades after every four or five shaves to ensure consistently great results. Replacement blades for double edge safety razors can be found on our website or in most supermarkets and pharmacies. If you’re using a Gillette® cartridge razor system, make sure to purchase the blades designed for the Gillette® Mach3® or Gillette® Fusion® Proglide® system as appropriate.

You can find our range of DE Razor Blades, Mach3 refills and Fusion refills here.


So, are you now convinced of the benefits of wet shaving? Eager to try it out for yourself? As the original online home of wet shaving, Edwin Jagger offers everything you need for the most enjoyable shave in one convenient place. With free delivery on orders over £30 and 24-hour delivery available, you can have beautifully smooth legs and underarms as early as tomorrow. Feel confident this summer with a world-class shave from Edwin Jagger.