Edwin Jagger White Travel Shaving Brush Gift Set (Sandalwood)

Edwin Jagger White Travel Shaving Brush Gift Set (Sandalwood)
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  • Edwin Jagger White Travel Shaving Brush Gift Set (Sandalwood)

  • Sensuous Sandalwood Shaving Cream 75ml

  • Handy metallic white Travel Shaving Brush

  • Comes in attractive Edwin Jagger packaging


This Edwin Jagger White Travel Shaving Brush Gift Set features two products you’ll need to prepare your face for a superior and comfortable shave: shaving brush and shaving cream.

The brush here is a little different – it’s a travel version, making it ideal for when you’re on a business trip, holiday or weekend away. In this set it’s paired with Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream, which comes in a 75ml tube.

The travel brush has a metallic white finish to the handle with black synthetic bristles. The synthetic fibres are arguably softer on the skin than traditional badger brushes, but more importantly, they dry easily and quickly meaning they’re less prone to damage from dampness.

The brush is an elegant piece of kit. Packed down it’s very light and doesn’t take up much space at all. To put it together, you just need to remove the knot (AKA the bristles) from inside the handle and screw it into the top. Once it’s been used and dried thoroughly, the knot can be returned into the handle.

The Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Shaving Cream can be used to create a rich lather while preparing for your shave. It has a sensuous woody aroma with an exotic peppery spiciness – a classic shaving soap fragrance.

By using the brush and some hot water, a soft, cushioning foam can easily be created, either in a shaving bowl or by applying directly to the face.

Both products come neatly packaged in a black Edwin Jagger box, making them perfect for a gift for that special someone.

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