Earth Day at Edwin Jagger


We are committed to making environmentally friendly decisions about business practices and want to share some of them with you this Earth Day.


Edwin Jagger is always looking for ways to reduce our consumption of plastic in both products and parcel packaging. We know it is very important to our customers too.

Being inundated with plastic materials from retailers is thankfully becoming a thing of the past and we review our packaging processes constantly to keep our orders minimally packed. With our customers in mind, we do not want you to have lots of packing materials to sort and recycle.

Essentially, we dislike the idea of our customers being inconvenienced by excess packaging.

We have also found a more environmentally friendly route for the Edwin Jagger factory. By reducing our total active time from five days to four days, we have in turn reduced the amount of energy consumed. Also, upgrades to machinery have been made making a more energy efficient production process.



We receive a lot of deliveries every week. Big boxes, medium boxes, and small boxes, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. It all gets reused for customer orders. Thus, the life of the packaging continues. The majority of packaging we do not use is recycled.

For a few products that are delicate and require extra protection and padding, we use bubble wrap. This is one of the rare instances that we will include plastic in our packing. As it has been repurposed and putting minds at ease that delicate products will not suffer an injury in transit, we feel this strikes the right balance.

The packing peanuts are made from corn starch and have a low impact on our planet. Small warning – do not ingest the packing peanuts because they have been manufactured in non-food safe environments.



For all the materials customers receive from us that will need to be sorted into appropriate waste facilities, allow me to present a quick guide for our UK customers. If you are outside the UK, please check your local recycling guideline.

  • Paper and Cardboard
    • Can be recycled at home or at recycling centres.
  • Bubblewrap
    • Recycled alongside similar plastics such as shopping bags and bread bags at supermarket collection points.
  • Packing Peanuts
    • Easily compostable or water dissolvable.