The Edwin Jagger Razor Guide

Edwin Jagger has been producing razors for over three decades and one of our proudest achievements during this time is being appointed a “Gillette Trusted Partner”, certifying that all the Gillette® Fusion® and Mach3® razors that we produce use genuine Gillette Parts™. This rare partnership has led to the creation of a huge number of Edwin Jagger cartridge razors to go alongside our popular double edge safety razors.

When browsing our online store, you may have been wondering, what is the difference between double edge safety razors, Fusion ProGlide® razors and Mach3® razors? Which one is best for beginners? Which one offers the closest and smoothest shave? Which one is most sustainable?

Wonder no more! Our shaving experts at Edwin Jagger have put together this helpful guide to break down the main features and benefits of each razor type to help you decide which one is best for you and your shaving regime.


Double Edge Safety Razors

Our double edge safety razors feature a head consisting of a top plate and a bottom plate, with a single razor blade sat in between the two and then screwed to the razor handle. Whereas some companies offer open comb safety razors, all our DE razors have a closed comb design, which restricts blade exposure for a less aggressive but still highly accurate wet shave. Thanks to the milder shave this design offers, these razors are exceptionally popular with those new to wet shaving as well as experienced shavers who need a quick go-to.

In fact, our best-selling razor overall is the Edwin Jagger DE89 Chrome Knurled DE Safety Razor, which is regularly praised for being a great first-time safety razor. It is heavy enough to stop you getting carried away and cutting yourself while still being light enough to offer ample control and versatility. The unique knurled pattern also makes the handle feel more secure in your hand as you shave.

However, shaving with this type of safety razor can be more time-consuming — especially if you’re used to shaving with a multi-blade cartridge system. As these razors only feature one blade, you may find you have to go over certain parts of your face multiple times to get that baby smooth finish.

But that’s not to say you can’t still get an aggressive shave from a DE89; case in point, our range of 3ONE6 stainless steel razors. Perfect for more experienced shavers, the design of the bottom plate places the blade in a much more versatile position, allowing you to achieve an unrivalled close shave from multiple angles. Despite offering a closer shave, this razor generates minimal blade feel, providing an incredibly comfortable shave albeit less forgiving for new shavers who are still getting used to wielding a safety razor. You may experience addition cuts and nicks when first graduating onto a 3ONE6 razor, so we recommend incorporating an alum block or a styptic pencil into your post-shave routine. These miracle workers arrest any bleeding, reduce soreness and accelerate healing to get your face looking like happy and healthy again as soon as possible.

Double edge safety razors are also much more versatile when it comes to razor blades. Whereas Fusion® and Mach3® razors can only be used with official Gillette razor blades, our safety razors can be used with any double edge razor blade as the size and shape are standard across all brands. You can easily find replacement blades at supermarkets, pharmacies and online at a much lower price than Gillette blades. However, we do recommend replacing your double edge razor blade more frequently than you would Gillette razor blades, after every 4 or 5 shaves.


Gillette Mach3® Razors

As the name suggests, the Mach3® razor head features three blades, as opposed to just one. These high-quality stainless-steel blades are strengthened with special atomic carbon coating, making them extra sharp and more durable. With every pass, a Mach3® razor cuts each hair up to three times, giving you a close and smooth shave faster than a double edge safety razor. However, quicker does not necessarily mean better and those with sensitive skin may react poorly to the pressure of three blades at once.

The Mach3® head also has several features to assist with razor glide. The individual blades are fitted with soft microfins, which stretch your skin as the razor passes to create a smooth surface for the blades to glide over. These razors also have an innovate pivoting head and an intuitive spring system, which allows the blade system to move with the irregularities of your face for a slicker shave. This extra manoeuvrability makes this razor excellent for shaving your neck and jawline, ensuring your shave is smooth and even all over.

Remember that only official Mach3 Turbo® blades will fit in your Mach3® razor head. As a global brand, you should be able to find Gillette blade packs in most supermarkets and pharmacies or online. While more expensive than double edge safety blades, these durable blades should last you up to 15 comfortable shaves before they need replacing.

As a Gillette Trusted Partner, we have created a huge range of Mach3® razors, combining our most popular Edwin Jagger handle designs with the iconic three-blade system. Whatever your budget, you can find an exceptional Mach3® razor that suits you. We have more understated designs that are in our cheapest price range, such as this Light Blue Mach3 razor, or premium razors with unique designs, such as this Chatsworth Barley Mach3 razor.


Gillette Fusion® Razors

If three blades weren’t enough, we also offer a huge range of razors with the world-famous Fusion ProGlide® system, which contains five individual blades. These blades are incredibly fine, providing incredible closeness and comfort and reducing the need to go over parts of your face multiple times. This blade system also features a blade stabiliser, which maintains the ideal distance between the blades with each stroke. The blade gap has been precisely measured to ensure the closest possible shave without causing skin tags and razor bumps.

Like the Mach3® range, our Fusion® razors have additional features to improve your shave. Featuring a FlexBall pivot, this cartridge razor can respond to the unique contours of your face, providing a more uniform shave with ease. Fusion® heads also come with a unique guard bar that helps guide your hairs to the blade at the optimal angle to ensure an incredibly close, comfortable and efficient shave.

With five sharp blades passing your skin with every stroke, these razors offer a very aggressive shave with an incredibly close finish. While many shavers love this, if you have sensitive skin, you may prefer using closed comb safety razors and Mach3® razors to avoid irritating your skin. You should also be aware that although Fusion® razors offer a closer shave than Mach3® razors, this does not necessarily make the shave faster as the tightly packed blades need to be rinsed more thoroughly as they can get clogged with hair and shaving cream more quickly.

While there are certainly similarities between Mach3® and Fusion® ranges, the blades are not interchangeable. Only use official Fusion ProGlide® blades in your Fusion® razor and enjoy a dozen or more super-comfortable shaves before it becomes necessary to replace the blade.

Our Fusion ProGlide® razors come in an array of designs and finishes, from vibrant colours, such as this Orange Fusion Razor, to high-quality metallic handles, such as Bulbous Barley Fusion razor.